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ST&T Home > Client Services > Product Development
Product Brand Research

Corporate Product Development / Consumer Products: Pre & Post Market Research & Data Collection.

  • Product Focus Groups (On Consumers to Determine Product Acceptance & Appeal)
  • New Product Sampling & Follow-up
  • Product On-line Wholesale Store – (to track Return Purchase & Loyalty)
  • Product Development Round-Table Meetings
  • Post Market Research & Product Review
  • Market & Field Testing with Sales Team
Product Development – Quality Assurance & Research:
  • New Drugs
  • Over-the-Counter Products
  • Anti-Aging, & Beauty Cosmetics & Fragrances
  • Bath, Body, Skin & Hair Specialty Products (Also Baby Care Products)
  • Nutritionals, Vitamins, Herbal Compounds, Supplements
  • Consumables, Specialty Drinks, Waters & Snacks
  • Children Products: Product Packaging, Ingredients (Inside & Out i.e. paints, glues, small parts)
Corporate Client & Media - P/R – Product Launch Events:
  • New Product Presentations
  • Ad Agency or Press Relations Event
  • Client and/or Sales Team Entertainment – Open House
  • Client/Customer Receptions & Product Sampling
  • Client/Customer Awards Ceremonies
Corporate Executive/Sales Staff Training Events:
  • Product Use and Demonstration
  • Sales Team Training
  • Executive Retreat & Planning Sessions
  • Sales & Executive Appreciation Programs
Consumer Product Pre & Post Market Research Center - Web Site: CLICK HERE
Sample Market Research - Branding Acceptance Outline: CLICK HERE
Consumer Product Testing & Research Facilities: CLICK HERE

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