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ST&T Home > Client Services > Library/Research Services
Library & Research Services

ST&T Library and Research Services are designed to meet your complete science, medico-legal and other research needs and/or augment your in-house resources.

Our extensive medical-legal library has a collection of valuable articles and documents (some rare and hard to find) collected during our scientists' research, review and consultation of critical regulatory, pharmacology & toxicology, pharmacy, food and supplement issues. Many of the projects that we have researched have been in news or the courts over the years.

Our research documents are regularly updated, adding recent information to older topics and adding new topics to keep up with changes in medico-legal discoveries and decisions. Browse our ST&T Document Library

Should you need information on a topic not included in our library, our skilled research staff is available assist you.
Learn more about ST&T Research Services

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ST&T Document Library

ST&T Research Service

NEW - Long-Term Randomized, Double-Blind Placebo Controlled Safety & Efficacy Study of an Herbal Ephedra/Caffeine Compound (PDF)



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